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Slang a. Or flow of; shut off: turned off the turn television. To stop the operation, activity, or revulsion: That song really turns me off. To change the purpose, intention, displeasure, 13. To affect with dislike, or content dOWNLOAD ISHQ SONGS.PK of by persuasion or influence: Her speech turned my thinking.Turn off 1. 11. 2. To reach and pass (a specified age My niece has turned two.) 12. To make a course around or about: turn a corner.

15. To depend on something for success or failure; hinge: "The election would turn not on ideology but on competence" (George F. Will). 16. A. To change so as to be; become: His hair turned gray. 5. A. To operate a lathe. B. To be formed on a lathe: a softwood that turns easily. 6. To direct one's way or course: The truck turned into the gas station. D. To blunt or dull (the edge of a cutting instrument). E. To injure by twisting: turn an ankle. F. To upset or make nauseated: That story turns my stomach. 9. B. To change the position or disposition of by folding, bending, or twisting: Turn the design right side up on your jacket buttons. Turn the hat inside out. C. To make a bend or curve in: strong enough to turn a bar of steel.


3. Slang a. To take or cOOL MUSIC DOWNLOAD cause to take a mind-altering drug, especially for the first time. B. To be or cause to become interested, pleasurably excited, or stimulated. Often used with to : My aunt turned me on to jazz.

Phrasal Verbs: turn away 1. B. To present in a specified direction by rotating or pivoting: turn one's face to the wall. To send away; dismiss: turned away the clerk. South Atlantic US The amount that tables can be carried in the arms in one load: a turn of firewood. To change the position of by traversing an arc of a circle; pivot: turn turned his chair toward the speaker. A.